yippie hippie

my mind is in a much better place… i’ve grown so much within this past year, but i’ve also had a lot on my mind.

i’m currently a senior studying early childhood education; i’ve always wanted to teach and i’m almost there. butttttt after my recent trip to europe, i’m really not sure what I want. or what actually makes me happy.

i’m seriously caught between ‘travel the world and be the hippie that you’ve always been’ and ‘be a grown up and do grown up things and do life how it’s supposed to be done’

i’m confused, can’t you tell?!

like I want so badly to travel the world AND I want to eventually teach. sometimes I feel like I’m just continuing school because it’s the “right thing to do”. It’s what i’m supposed to do. ugh where is the risk?! why don’t I have the balls to just do what makes me happy in the spur of the moment?!?

what do I do guys?

#lostinthisworld #whatdoido #hippie

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